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SACI is a festival to have fun and learn about the world

SACI is an international film festival. A festival with films from the most diverse parts of the world, to delight, amuse and expand the cultural baggage of our little citizens.

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Show Official
11 movies. Several nationalities. 

A real trip around the planet. Films of different nationalities, all dubbed, for you to have fun and learn. You will watch fascinating stories from Spain, Iran, Denmark, Congo, France, Benin, Azerbaijan, China, Uzbekistan and also Brazil. 

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Competitive Short Film Show
42  movies. Choose your favorite.

Enjoy watching Saci's short films.

And still choose your favorite movie. The film with the most votes will win the "Special Audience Award". 

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 SACI will be held at Cine Passeio, considered by the Exibidor magazine, one of the 20 coolest movie theaters on the planet.

The films will also be displayed in a streaming platform exclusive to national territory, making the festival accessible to all Brazilian youngsters.

Promotional Tickets
whole R$ 10
R$ 5 a half

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Riachuelo Street.

A trip to the heart of Curitiba.

Rua Riachuelo is one of the most beautiful streets in the city. Recently, it was completely restored, enhancing even more the facades of the old buildings on the first shopping street in Curitiba.

In addition to enjoying Saci, you can also stroll along the Riachuelo boardwalk, where you will find several thrift stores, furniture stores and super cool cafes. On Rua São Francisco, almost at the corner of Riachuelo, is the unusual SFco 179 and H-AL's authorial fashion atelier. On Saturday and Sunday, the program can be complemented with a visit to the traditional feirinha in Largo da Ordem. 



Cine Park - Rua Presidente Carlos Cavalcanti, 347 | 99172-7332


Master Park 24h - Rua Presidente Carlos Cavalcanti, 641 | 3232-1761


Planalto 24h Parking - Rua Presidente Carlos Cavalcanti, 612 | 3232-6722


Tri Park 24h - Rua Treze de Maio, 411 | 3015-6514


Palácio Parking - until 7:30 pm - Rua Treze de Maio, 395 | 3155-297

Cine Passeio, one of the 20 coolest movie theaters on the planet
Curitiba, PR | Brazil

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