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Kiko Mistrorigo

Penguin Content

Architect, designer, director of creation, animation and special effects, he graduated from the Faculty of Architecture and Urbanism of the University of São Paulo. In February 1989, together with Celia Catunda, he founded the children's content producer TV PinGuim, (now Pinguim Content). He created, produced and directed more than 400 hours of animation for TV, including the series De Onde Vem?, on air since 2001 on Brazilian public TV; Peixonauta, an entirely Brazilian series produced by Pinguim Content that, in Latin America, reached the first place in the audience of the cable channel Discovery Kids. ; and O Show da Luna!, which is in its 6th season. Its productions are present in more than 90 countries on different platforms.

Increase your brand 's visibility


For 45 days, the coverage and frequency of Saci's communication campaign amplifies the impact of the event and the visibility of its sponsors' brands.


Social media, radio,  newspapers, magazines and promotional actions cover the event, and launch it to the rest of Brazil. 


Saci's motto and format capture the attention of local press, generating a lot of spontaneous media.

Create unforgettable experiences


Saci is an unique opportunity for your company to start a dialogue with its consumers in Curitiba.


Your brand has access to thousands of children, open to new experiences and sensations.

Associate your brand with a transformative event

Saci is an art and education exhibition, with the goal of presenting fun and educational films, which aim to increase the repertoire and awaken the critical sense of children.


Tickets are priced at popular prices (R$10 and R$5) and 10% of total tickets go to social institutions and public schools. 


We will also hold audio description sessions for visually impaired people.

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